Willemien Ruys is the founder and creative director of the REMADE-TO-WEAR concept. 

Educated in fashion design at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, she started working for Balenciaga, Paris, as an assistant designer and picture researcher right out of the academy. In this function she learned to work in an environment where there was a continuous request for thorough research of inspirational documents as well as the creation of maquettes (prints, sales-catalogues, pictures, inspiration boards etc etc).

After three years she went to South-America to fulfill another dream. Writing a novel and living in romantic poverty in Buenos Aires. Back in Paris she finished her novel and continued writing and illustrating the series of childrens books "Petit Paul et le Monde", published by IDLivre, as well as many other stories.

The last five years she has been living in Amsterdam and working as a freelance image researcher and photo editor for Peter Greenaway, Saskia Boddeke, Ben Lewis, Kees Kasander and Submarine.

She has never lost her love for fashion though. So she started her own company REMADE IN AMSTERDAM specializing in “remade” fashion workshops and a clothingline of “remade” designer labels called SpoiledBrands. This later transformed into the Remade-To-Wear concept. Instead of the need to always have the latest READY-TO-WEAR's or PRÊT-À-PORTER's, Remade-To-Wear aims to transform the out-of-styled ones into fashionable clothes again. Spending money on clothes is not a bad thing (we personally LOVE shopping) but... we do think it is better to spend a little more money on Quality Clothing instead of Quantity Clothing. Because Quality we can transform when it is out of fashion, Quantity doesn't even see the end of it's fashionability ;-)

REMADE-TO-WEAR consists of four departments: 

SPOILED BRANDS: a clothingline of "remade" designer labels

REMADE IN ...: a network of walk-in workshops and stitch bars around the world

COSTUME-D: costume design for film and multimedia projects with mostly re-used clothing

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