White vinegar against yellow armpit stains and stink.

Ever had the problem of not being able to raise your arms in public because you had these annoying yellow stains in your perfectly white shirt? Or that you put on your freshly washed and dried clothes and as soon as you get a little sweaty they start smelling like sh*t? 
Here's your very simple solution: White vinegar.
For the yellow armpit stains and stink: Replace your washing product with a cup of vinegar and just run your cycle like you normally would do. When it's really bad, you might want to bathe your clothes in a bath of white vinegar for the night and than wash them.

After a summer festival my Aubade bra kept giving off this terrible smell, even after I washed it. I bathed it in white vinegar for the night and washed it afterwards. Now it smells perfectly fine again.


50 shades of Black?

Who ever claimed that dressing in black was easy, couldn't be more wrong. Nowadays there are almost as many shades of black as there are colours. And just as with colours, you can't combine them all, especially when you have to dress up. So here is a very simple and easy solution, wash them with DYLON.
- Wash your clothes and get them out
- Pour the powder at the bottom of your washing machine, than put 500 grams of salt on top of it and shake the drum of your machine until it has all gone through
- Put the clothes back in (not folded and not too many)
- Do a normal cycle at 60 degrees or lower
- Do another normal cycle with your normal product, like Robijn 
- Take out the clothes and hang them to dry
- Clean your washing machine with cleaning wipes
- Do another cycle with product but without clothes



I came back from Paris with 6 bottles of delicious red wine I had bought from a good friend of mine's vineyard. Since they were in a box, I didn't really think about it. I had put my clothes around it to soften in case of any possible blows... When I opened my suitcase I could smell the wine and it didn't miss, everything was dripped in red wine! 

I had used a technique a couple of times before when I had spilled red wine on a white blouse, but this was beyond just a spill... So I took 3 bottles of Robijn, put my white and ligh colored clothes in the bath tub and drowned them in Robijn. I waited 24 hours and then washed them in the washing machine on a normal cycle. Don't add any washing products.

Everything came out cleaner than ever, even the yellow deodorant stains had disappeared.

I did the same with my dark colored clothes, but then with Robijn Color.


Never knew what to do with the holes those terrible moths eat in your clothes? Ofcourse there is www.woolfiller.com, but you can also get creative like CHINTI AND PARKERMARC JACOBSVALENTINOJ.W.ANDERSONJIL SANDERSTELLA MCCARTNEYJ.CREW and MAJE

Fading into grey?

Check out the simple tricks 3.1 Phillip Lim, Christopher Kane, J BRAND, J.Crew, Markus Lupfer and T by Alexander Wang have used to make a simple grey top look really cool! 

In need of some DENIMspiration

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Some inspiration for an inspirationless day!

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