50 shades of Black?

Who ever claimed that dressing in black was easy, couldn't be more wrong. Nowadays there are almost as many shades of black as there are colours. And just as with colours, you can't combine them all, especially when you have to dress up. So here is a very simple and easy solution, wash them with DYLON.
- Wash your clothes and get them out
- Pour the powder at the bottom of your washing machine, than put 500 grams of salt on top of it and shake the drum of your machine until it has all gone through
- Put the clothes back in (not folded and not too many)
- Do a normal cycle at 60 degrees or lower
- Do another normal cycle with your normal product, like Robijn 
- Take out the clothes and hang them to dry
- Clean your washing machine with cleaning wipes
- Do another cycle with product but without clothes