I came back from Paris with 6 bottles of delicious red wine I had bought from a good friend of mine's vineyard. Since they were in a box, I didn't really think about it. I had put my clothes around it to soften in case of any possible blows... When I opened my suitcase I could smell the wine and it didn't miss, everything was dripped in red wine! 

I had used a technique a couple of times before when I had spilled red wine on a white blouse, but this was beyond just a spill... So I took 3 bottles of Robijn, put my white and ligh colored clothes in the bath tub and drowned them in Robijn. I waited 24 hours and then washed them in the washing machine on a normal cycle. Don't add any washing products.

Everything came out cleaner than ever, even the yellow deodorant stains had disappeared.

I did the same with my dark colored clothes, but then with Robijn Color.