The Remade-To-Wear Concept

Instead of the need to always have the latest Ready-To-Wear's or Prêt-à-porter's, Remade-To-Wear aims to transform the out-of-styled ones into fashionable clothes again. Spending money on clothes is not a bad thing (we personally LOVE shopping) but... we do think it is better to spend a little more money on Quality Clothing instead of Quantity Clothing. Because Quality we can transform when it is out of fashion, Quantity doesn't even see the end of it's fashionability ;-)

Remade-To-Wear consists of four departments: 

SpoiledBrands: a clothingline of "remade" designer labels

REMADE IN ...: a network of walk-in workshops and stitch bars around the world

Re-DRESSING: personalised wardrobe makeovers 

COSTUME-D: costume design for film and multimedia projects with mostly re-used clothing