-Are the piles of never-worn-again-clothes stacking up?
-Have you recently lost a lot of weight?
-Or, has your shopping budget reduced seriously since you just gave birth to your third?
-Is your closet simply filled with lots of clothes you never wear anymore?
-Or do you just like to drink champagne?

Come and join our workshops now!

With a glass of champagne, under expert fashion guidance, in an artistic environment, with lots of clothes, books and magazines to be inspired by, you will learn how to turn your forgotten, out-of-style and over/undersized clothes into new in-style pimped items.

REMADE IN AMSTERDAM has different workshops all around the theme of restyling and pimping your old and forgotten ones. The workshops are held five days a week on fixed hours in a loft in the east of Amsterdam and last two hours.

Learn how to completely alter those boring old T-shirts.

For all levels.

What to bring? Your lovely self and your old saggy t-shirts.

What you’ll get? A glass of bubbles (Jip&Janneke Champagne for the pregnant ladies) to start with, than I will show you different simple techniques and tricks on how to completely transform your t-shirts. We will spend most of our time cutting. Hardly any sowing!

how to pimp your old t-shirts

Learn how to simply transform the golden oldies from the deep dark corners of your closet!

Digg up all those clothes you thought you would never wear anymore, but could not throw away yet because they are size zero and you thought you would maybe one day fit in them again, or they belonged to your (grand)mother, or they once cost you a fortune but now are hopelessly out-of-style. Whilst enjoying a glass of bubbles (to help you accept that size zero belongs to the past) I will show you how to transform your golden oldies and make them wearable, but most important, fashionable again.

remaking the golden oldies from the deep dark corners of your closet

Learn how to make your unworns into the cutest little outfits for your kids.

For all levels.

With a glass of bubbles in one hand and a scissor in the other, learn how to transform those saggy sweatshirts, worndown pullovers and them mommypants into clothes remade for your little ones!

Be sure to bring only clothes you are sure never to wear again, because they will be transformed beyond recognition!

for mommy's: how to turn your unworns into cute clothes for your kids
12am-2pm and 8pm-10pm

Time to freshen up those whites and dip bleach your denims.

For all levels (mostly freshen up tips and how to use bleach, NO sowing).

It's almost the longest day, the sun is shining and people shook off winter's shadows. Time to dig up those 50 shades of whites and get them white again.  Also take your stained denims and dip them in bleach to get the grunchy effect you see everywhere.

Join this workshop for some helpful tips and more...

how to get those 50 shades of whites, really white again

Don't know the first thing about sowing or a sowing machine? But you really want to learn how to use that magical machine? ;-) Do not worry, we will help you get rid of that fear! Sowing is very easy and we're convinced that we can show you how! Do not hesitate any longer and hit the "SUBSCRIBE NOW!" button to make an appointment!

join us for a quiet sunday afternoon and learn how to sow
3pm-5pm and 7pm-9pm

Remember the invitations for a birthday party, back when you were young? "Bring your swimming clothes" or "Bring hiking clothes". Now, for your own kid's birthday, write "Bring your mom's, dad's, brother's, sister's old clothes" and be ready for an afternoon full of surprises!

On reservation only:
for all levels, from 10 years old, max 5 kids
Bring mom's, dad's, sister's, brother's clothes and make something cool for you

Max five people per workshop.

Private lessons possible too.
Reservations always necessary:
Call: 06-38731413
Email: info@remadeinamsterdam.com
Like: www.facebook.com/remadeinamsterdam
Visit: www.remade-to-wear.com

Included: a glass of bubbles (with or without alcohol) and usage of sewing machines, fabrics, yarns, pins and scissors.

If you do not want to learn how to do it yourself, make an appointment and your wardrobe will be remade by WILLEMIEN RUYS herself...

Languages spoken: Dutch, English and French